Staff Team

Jeff Barneson

Jeff coordinates team work with the GSCF staff and student leaders at the graduate and professional schools at Harvard. In his spare time he reads and writes a blog, Speaking of Jesus? - can you guess what that's about? Jeff is a member of the Harvard Chaplains and also serves as advisor to the Harvard Cycling Team. He drinks coffee.

Jeff is married to Tara Edelschick, and they have two boys (Zachary and Ezra) and a girl (Nafisa).

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Alice Brown Collins

Sister Alice R. Brown-Collins, Ph.D., is director for Black Campus Ministry in InterVarsity's New England Region. She is a social psychologist and has held positions as assistant professor at Brown University and Wellesley College, as well as adjunct professor at Brandeis University. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Boris, and her two children: Jamal and Kateri.

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Rocklyn & Eva Clarke

Pastors Rocklyn & Eva work at Harvard with Black Graduate Ministries and with Black Scholars and Professionals (BSAP), the IVCF ministry to Black students and faculty in graduate and professional schools. Rocklyn has worked as a systems programmer and as a senior project manager at M.I.T. (where he received a bachelor's degree in physics), and as the administrative pastor at Jubilee Christian Church. He currently works as an educational technology consultant at the M.I.T. Office of Educational Innovation and Technology. Eva graduated from M.I.T. with a bachelor's degree in Planning. She is the Founder and President of Faith Partnership Inc., the former Chief Operating Officer of the Boston Community Loan Fund, and the former Executive Director of the Mattapan Community Development Corporation. Eva is currently an Asset Manager for Boston Financial Investment Management.

Rocklyn & Eva serve as pastors to Life Church. In addition to their two children they have three grandchildren and counting . . .

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Jonathan Fields

Jonathan serves at Harvard with Black Graduate Ministries (BGM) and with Black Scholars and Professionals (BSAP), the IVCF ministry to Black students and faculty in graduate and professional schools. He is an alum of Harvard Divinity School.

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Kevin Ford (MIT)

Kevin is the senior staff member at MIT, coordinating ministry throughout the MIT graduate schools. He loves to teach, travel and watch movies, and is our resident tech whizz.

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Tim & Sarah Leary (International & Grad Ministry @ BU & MIT Sloan)

Tim & Sarah help international and grad students grow in Christ. They have three boys (Zeke, Sam and Nate) and a girl named Grace. Both Sarah and Tim grew-up near Boston but they met in China. Sarah grew up in a Christian family and went to BU. Tim first started following Christ in an Oxford pub while he was an international student 20 years ago.

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Marianne Smith (Babson)

Marianne loves nature and sailing. She spent a semester on Westward (behind her here) studying marine ecosystems as part of her environmental biology degree. Before coming to work with graduate students and faculty in Boston she worked for many years as a project manager (in design of luxury hotels) and as a design consultant. Marianne loves to help students dream about how they can impact their world both on campus and beyond. Currently Marianne is working with students at Babson, Boston College and MIT. She is married with two grown children.

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Kathy Tuan MacLean (Harvard)

Kathy leads the staff team throughout Boston, and frequently appears on campus to offer her expertise in Bible teaching, multi-ethnicity and relationships.

Kathy and her husband Scott have 3 kids in elementary school.

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Pete Williamson

Pete graduated from Harvard Divinity School in May 2014, and joined the team in time for the Fall. In his time at Harvard Divinity School, Pete focused on Biblical Studies and enjoys Greek and Hebrew. His undergraduate degree is in Physics with a minor in math. Pete is from New Zealand and runs marathons.

Pete recently married Kelly in August 2014 and they now live in Jamaica Plain together. Both Pete and Kelly are active at Church of the Cross in Boston.

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